Rolet online Site 2022

rolet online site – Rolet online Site 2022 is one of the games that can be accessed. This game is quite popular in Indonesia, as well as the world. This is probably because the rules are easy to understand, and the payouts are quite large.

The odds in the game of roulette range from 1 to 36 times. This means that with 100,000 Rupiah, if you guess the numbers correctly you have the opportunity to pocket a win of up to 100,000 x 36 = 3,600,000 Rupiah.

Roulette is a game that was created around the 17th century in France. At first the roulette wheel was created with the aim of making a machine that continues to spin without the need for an external energy source. However the scientists did not succeed, but fortunately the roulette wheel was born as a result of this failure. Roulette itself is a French word that can be interpreted as a small wheel.

How to play Roulette / Rolet online Site 2022

How to play online roulette can be said to be very simple, you only need to make a deposit, proceed with betting, and end with withdrawal. The way to bet is to put your chips on the available betting boards. Bets in the game of roulette are broadly divided into two, namely outside and inside bets. Outside bets are easier to win but have lower payout odds. As for Inside bets, bets are more difficult to win but have large payout odds.

In the table above you can see a list of the most trusted online roulette recommendations in Indonesia today. If you are interested in betting using real money, then our five selected sites above are the right place for you. These sites have been proven to provide friendly, fast, and professional customer service.

rolet online site

Choosing the right place to bet cannot be done by everyone, even though this is very vital to get comfort when playing. Therefore, online roulette as one of the online review sites in Indonesia helps to narrow the scope of your choice to only the best sites. The 5 sites in the table above have met the important points to get a trusted predicate as follows.

Trusted Online Roulette Site Recommendations

  • Security – The betting tools we use are genuine Rupiah, therefore the security of the site is the main factor that we pay attention to. If a site’s payment system is untrustworthy, we will not recommend it to you.
  • Transaction speed – The speed of the deposit/withdrawal transaction process has a major impact on the convenience obtained by online roulette members. Our selected sites have transaction speeds ranging from 1 – 3 minutes.
  • Customer service – Livechat service is fast, friendly, professional, and able to provide solutions to all problems is the dream of every member.
  • Customer service, of course, must also be available 24 hours a day.
  • Bonus – A large bonus increases the comfort for the bettor in playing.
  • However, we ensure that the bonuses provided have reasonable terms, and are not trapping.
  • Games – The more games provided make the bettor not easily bored.
  • Generally, our recommended sites have more than 7 types of games that can
  • be accessed using just one account.
  • Tips and How to Win Playing Roulette
  • Just like other games, to win more often when playing online roulette. There are several strategies you can apply. If you are interested in getting a bigger winning percentage. learn the strategy at some of the points below.


In the game of rolet online site balislot there are many types of bets that you can make, generally these types of bets are divided into two, namely inside and outside bets. However, these two types of bets have very different odds of winning. It’s actually easier to win on outside bets than inside bets. To get a more optimal win, you can place large outside bets and small inside bets.

Here are the types of outside bets on real money online roulette:

Black/Red – Bet on the numbers in the black/red column.
Odd/Even – Bet on odd/Even numbers.
1 to 18 / 19 to 36 – Bet on numbers 1-18 / bet on numbers 19-36.
Dozen bet – Bet on three possibilities: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.
Column Bets – These bets are the same as a dozen bets, but on a vertical line.


Martingale is the easiest formula to apply, not only in roulette, even in other games that have a probability of winning close to 50:50. The formula is done by doubling your bet every time you lose, and returning to the initial bet nominal saying you won.

Here’s an example of applying the Martingale formula in real bet. First determine your initial bet nominal, for example 100,000 Rupiah.

Make a bet on the table of your choice with the formula below
  1. If in the initial bet you managed to win, then in the next round you will still bet 100,000 Rupiah.
  2. If in the initial bet you lose, then in the second half the bet is multiplied by two to 200,000 Rupiah.
  3. If you lose on the second bet too, then your total loss is 100,000 + 200,000 = 300,000 Rupiah.
  4. So on the third bet you have to make a bet of 400,000 Rupiah.
  5. If you still lose on the third bet then the next bet is 800,000 Rupiah.
  6. Betting continues in this pattern until you get a win.
  7. The advantage of using this formula is that in the end you will still win as long as you continue to double your bet from the nominal you lose. The weakness of this formula is that it takes a large amount of capital to implement it. Besides, online roulette usually has a certain betting limit. Which makes it difficult for you to double your bet.

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