Guide to Playing Dice Online

dice online – Sicbo Online game or commonly known as Dice Online. Game that was originally played in China. Thought to have existed since the 19th century by Chinese aristocrats.

This online dice game then began to be played in casinos in the 1980s, when there was a massive immigration of Chinese. People to various parts of the world. Therefore, this game became famous in America. Which was under the influence of these immigrants. At first, you can only find this game in casinos that provide this dice game. Tut now, with the development of the times this dice game can be enjoyed online as well.

Playing Dice Online

Sicbo itself means “precious dice” and before it was famous, the Chinese called it by the name Dai Siu which means Big and Small. This online Sicbo or Dice game was licensed in 2002. And lately you can play this type of dice game with only 10 thousand capital. Coupled with current technological developments, so you can play it through the Smartphone you have.

dice online

Lots of people actually want to try playing this Sicbo or Dice Online game, and now you all don’t need to be afraid, because you can play it with only 10 thousand capital. And you will play this Sicbo or Dice game live, so you will be able to immediately see the results of the dice that come out guided by sexy and beautiful dealers.

How to play Sicbo

How to play Sicbo or Online Dice is usually played with three dice, and using a bowl or steel cup as a medium to close the dice. But for those played online the container will be made of clear glass. So you can immediately see that there will be no cheating in this online dice game with a capital of 10 thousand.

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In this Sicbo or dadu online game with a capital of 10 thousand. You will be given one minute to be able to do the installation. As found on the table of this Online Dice game such as Odd/Even. Big / Small, and many others here are the details of the types of games contained in this Online Dice game.

Big or Small Bet

For Big or Small bets it is very easy for you to do, you only need to guess the result of the total dice that comes out. If the value of the dice is from 4 – 10, then the result is also called Small. If the dice that comes out are 11 -17, then the result will also be called Big.

However, in this online dice game. The dice with a value of 3 and 18 are also called the House Edge, or it can also be said to be the dealer’s number. So if this dice number comes out, then you will be considered a loser.

Odd and Even Bet

Just like big and small bets, then this Odd and Even bet. You only need to guess the number of the dice that comes out. If the dice number shows an odd number then the result is also called Odd. If the number of the dice is Even then it is also called Even.

Total Dice Score

If you are very good at counting, then you can follow this type of game to predict the results of the dice that will come out. And the total victory in this type of game is very large, so you should try it.

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Double Bet

You can follow multiple bet types or on dice with the same result. For example like 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, (10 – 1 for the payout), 5/5 and 6/6 ( 5 – 1 for the payment).

Single Number Bet

The payout for this type of bet depends on how often the numbers.

Triple Bet

For this type of bet you will bet on three of the same dice, such as 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, 5/5/5, and 6/6 /6. The payout amount depends on each casino that provides this type of game. But usually the payout amounts range from 10 to 30 to 1.

That’s a guide on how you can play this type of online dice game with a capital of 10 thousand. Hopefully you can understand and understand how to play the game that is currently booming for lovers of this online game.